Introducing Agerigna a mobile social networking service

SNS in Amharic Phonetic(Geez)

Social networking application that is specially design for Ethiopians.

Embedded Amharic keyboard

Comes with an embedded Agerigna Amharic keyboard so that you can chat using Amharic.

Growing everyday

With the user of Agerigna growing everyday, Agerigna is the place to socialize with your friends. Start using Agerigna today!

On Android and iPhone

Currently available for Android. iPhone version coming soon!

Amharic Keyboard

Amharic Keyboard, a standalone app which allows you to email, sms and more in Amharic.
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Availalbe for IPhone and Android

Amharic Input Method enabling you to type in geez (Amharic phonetics) right on your IPhone and Android device.